I'am working on an ERC721 lootbox - Need suggestions!

The project i’am working on is an ERC721 lootbox, the lootbox can be traded on any maketplace, and when someone buy it and open it, it w’ll randomly generate 3 ERC721 item (can be more or less depanding on the configuration of the lootbox).

Where i need feedbacks and ideas is in the process of generating the lootbox, after a lootbox is opened, it is burned and dont exist anymore, so i have to find a way to constently generate lootboxs… here are some ideas :

  • Given a user who want to buy a lootbox of 3 random rare cryptokitties for example.
  • The first idea would be to randomly buy them on the fly from those who are for sale on the market.
  • The second idea would be to have a shared pool of assets, and randomly pick assets from the pool to put into the lootbox no idea how to create this shared pool ( maybe making partenarship with the others ERC721 assets like cryptokitties ?).
  • Another way to generate a lootbox could be to give to a assets owner function that create lootbox from his own assets portfolio.
  • Lastly, i can manually create them, buying items from the market myself to create a shared pool of assets, but if i do so, i’ll have to limit the number of lootboxs that can be traded per day !

Any suggestion will by apreciated.
Thx :slight_smile:

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I like this approach since you don’t have to strike partnerships with any companies, however the downside is that you might have adverse selection where people might bundle the least valuable NFT’s in their lootboxes.

What about a 4th option where you could generate new NFT’s on the fly to place in Lootboxes?

For the 4th option, i’m thinking of buying those NFT on the market, so if a user want to buy the new “Rare CryptoZombie lootox”, the app will have to use the opensea api to search for availible “Rare CryptoZombies”, then randomly buy a number of them to put in a lootbox.
I think it would be good to find a way to control the pricing, for example by making categories of lootboxes like normal / premium / legendary … so that the variance of the price can by controled.

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