What is up with the references to firebase in the examples?

The to-do list example, and the animal kingdom example both contain references to firebase. I found this confusing, because, as I understand it, firebase is a realtime, Google-hosted database back-end with a js API. Isn’t gaia storage somewhat redundant with firebase (as it allows you to get/put data on the server)? Is there a situation where firebase is particularly useful when developing developing blockstack Dapps?

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I think they use firebase as an analogy only (but it might not be the best one).

The whole purpose of Blockstack is that you aren’t storing data on a single centralized server but distributing it using Gaia. There shouldn’t be any need to use Firebase when developing your Blockstack app.

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I am a little confused as to how dropbox is used as the storage in the example. I watched the video and it didnt go through it. Can you provide clarity around this?

My understanding is that the data is hashed and distributed via IPFS to different storage providers (like Google Drive or Dropbo).

Maybe @prabhaav can shed some more insight

Hi @Jbeard4, most Blockstack Apps use GAIA for storage with getfile and putfile calls.


Not sure what they are using Firebase for in those examples, but we (Stealthy) use it for a few things:

  • Mobile Notifications
  • Auto Discovery
  • Public channel push query

We want/are transitioning to GUN

Thanks, this is really helpful.