Where does gaia store user data by default?

When I run the to-do list application locally (with npm run), it stores the data to the Gaia storage back-end using the blockstack js API. In the blockstack whitepaper, it describes allowing the user to specify their own back-end, be it S3, Dropbox, self-hosted FreeNAS server, etc, and use it as a “dumb drive” for storing encrypted user data. I was wondering, in the default configuration, when you run the application locally with “npm start”, where does Gaia store the user data?

Also, why does the local to-do application shows different user data than the deployed to-do list application.

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Not to answer my own question, but it looks like there is a default free gaia storage service, which will be configurable later.

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Blockstack by default puts your data on Azure Blob.

The reason your localhost todo data and production todo data are in different places is because of the azure blob endpoint.

The endpoint is generated by the app url, so localhost blob will be in a different location.

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